Health Care Center

 Health Care Centre

The Health Centre of College has a very long history and has been serving the students and staff ( teaching, non-teaching and local fund) of the college since more than four decades. In 1980’s College had a permanent post of Medical Assistant and Mr. Ali Mohammad Bhat, the then Medical Assistant had played a very significant role in the functioning of the centre. Being a good Samaritan, he helped to soothe any emergency of the students and staff.  Click here To View


    Later in the year 2011, when the College was going to be inspected by NAAC for second cycle of re-accreditation, the Health Care Centre of the College was given a new, airy, well- furnished and well- equipped room in the ground floor of the heritage building of M.ed Academic Block . The Department of Higher education availed the help of Department of Health J and K and a team of doctors comprising of a doctor and Medical Assistants were deputed to the College twice a week. Since then, the Health Care Centre of the College has been performing its duties and every now and then organises various health related activities, programs and campaigns, e. g, World Health Day, World Blood Donation Day, Drugs de- addiction Day etc.

    It also organizes various health check-ups, general awareness regarding various health issues in association with various NGOs and organizations, counseling and support services and health promotion activities, vaccination drives, preparation of Golden Cards etc.

Blood Donation Camp