Department of Science







Department Of Science


 Faculty  Science:
I) Dr. Nousheen Qureshi(HOD Environmental Science)

On Contract
I) Dr. Afreen (Phd Botany, NET)

Training Offered in Subjects

i)    Environmental Science
ii)   Physical Science
iii)  Bio science

Main Activities:
  • Pre-training evaluation of students.
  • Training in Developing low cost Teaching Aids.
  • Micro Teaching/Macro Teaching Demonstrations.
  • On the spot Lesson Planning.
  • Model lessons by teachers.
  • Out of college activities.
  • Visits to museum/ other sites.
Department of Science extending help to the college administration in Administring the college.
Two full fludged laboratories & an Activity room.

1) Over head projector
2) Automatic slide projector
4) Other materials required for developing lessons on concepts upto secondary stage.
5) T.V
6) CD Player
7) Bio Visual charts
8) Models
9)Tool Kit