Collabrative Courses

The following courses are initiated by the College of Education, in Collaboration with the agencies as under:
Agency Courses Of Studies
Certificate in Teaching English (CTE)
Diploma in Creative writting in English (DCE)
Masters in Education (M.A Edu)
Post Graduate Diploma In higher Education (PGDHE)
IGNOU (9 Courses) Post Graduate Diploma In Distance Education(PGDDE)
Diploma In Primary Education (DPE)
Certificate In Guidance (CIG
Certificate In Teaching Primary School Mathematics (CTPM)
Certificate In Women Devlopment and Empowerment.
Extension programmes with Govt. SSA
Women's Study Centre in collaboration with PI IGNOU has started a diploma course in women empowerment
These NGO'S have the following Objectives:
  • To work for the confidence & capacity building among Women
  • To work for the Women empowerment.
  • To create awareness about their rights , health & hygiene.
  • To work for economic independence of women.
  • To create awareness among women for the education of their children.

The College of Education has organised the following Programmes in collaboration with women studies center:
  • Capacity building among women staff of the institution.
  • Sensitization and awareness camp( Health /Education)
  • Orientation cum awareness camp for adolescent girls.
  • Legal education for women.
  • Orientation for female teacher students and pupil teachers.
  • Workshop on gender violence and rights for women
  • Workshop on "Management of Adolesent problems through counselling Strategies"