Covid -19 Guidelines for Students

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Covid -19 Guidelines for Students

i. Self-discipline is most important to contain the spread of COVID-19 pandemic through social distancing and maintaining hygienic condition. 

ii. All students should wear face covers/ masks and take all preventive measures and should not enter the campus without face mask.

 iii. It is important for the students to be physically and mentally fit to handle any exigencies. By remaining fit, they can take care of others also.

 iv.  Give support to your friends under stress due to COVID-19 pandemic.

v. Students should follow the guidelines, advisories and instructions issued by the Government authorities as well as by the universities
     and colleges regarding health and safety measures  in view of  COVID-19 pandemic.

vi. Students should avoid out-of-class social gatherings and events and communications .

vii. Students, faculty, and staff should not share objects (e.g., books, laboratory equipments, art, or recreational equipment and supplies).