Micro Teaching

Micro / Simulated Teaching

Micro teaching was developed by Prof. Dwight Allen and Robert Bush in the teacher preparation programme at Standford University between 1960-1967. It fits naturally into pre-service and in-service teacher training programme.

A Micro-teaching is organized to expose the trainees to an organized curriculum of miniature teacher encounter, moving from the less complex to the more complex. At each step along the way, a teaching strategy is discussed until it can be incorporated into a short teaching lesson of approximately 5 minutes duration.

Micro teaching has great significance in teacher training programs. It may augur well with the age old conventional practice of teaching programs conducted in schools thought-out the country. The college of education conducts micro teaching sessions in the middle of the session, where by, first of all, the expert teachers on the faculty explain the sub skill and its various components. The teacher educator, subsequently gives model micro-teaching lesson (5-7 minutes) for the particular skill. His model exemplifies the use of a particular skills and its components. Video tapes and allied gadgets enable the teacher educators to have better observation and evaluation of a particular skill.

The University of Kashmir has assigned hundred marks for micro-teaching ( 60 external , 40 internal )