Library Services

Library Services

Circulation of Information Resources

A register system is followed for issue and return of books. Each user is allotted a page which contains Serial no, Author, Title, Accession No: and signature of the student.Two books for B Ed and three books for M Ed are to be issued for fourteen days, after which students have to return them. If a user needs a particular book for some more time after due date, it is to be re-issued depending on the number of copies available for that particular book.

Reference Services
The reading room has a space of about 80 seats accommodating the staff and students of the institution. The reference books are there for the use by the students and the faculty whenever needed.

Browsing services
There are four Carols which provided with internet facility. Any user can browse at any time.

Other Services
  • The Book Bank services are also available to students. They can borrow text books for fourteen days. The Poor and the Orphan students can retain books till their exams
  • Xeroxing facility is also provided to students and faculty as per need
  • Orientation programmers' are organized so as to instruct students about the best use of the Library
  • Display boards are provided for new arrivals
  • Notice board is also there for any current notice and job advertisements

Facilities available in the Library
  • Teaching Aids; Maps and Charts
  • Educational / Psychological Tests
  • Use of electronic gadgets - LCD T V, 13 Computers, Networking, Internet and Intranet facility
  • Journals and magazines content sheets of the back issues
  • Access to e-books and e-journals through INFLIBNET
  • International e-journals (SAGE Publications).
  • Clippings
  • Bibliographic compilation
  • Inter Library Borrowing
  • Power Backup

Features of Library:
  • One of the important features of the Library is that every year new books are added to it. Keeping in view the needs of the pupil teachers and trend of the times, reference books, dictionaries, national and international journals, magazines and periodicals are also kept available in the college Library. An internet facility is also made available. The Library is fully computerized. INFLIBNET is a novel feature of the Library for an access to e-books and e-journals and also of SAGE Publications. The college is tied-up with SAGE publications and has acquired access to e-journals.
  • Library Facilities: The College has rich Library fully computerized and having broad band internet facility. The students have free access to the Library facilities for developing sound knowledge base.