Library Sections

Library Sections

B.Ed Section

  • Almirahs with text books for lending.
  • Computer table with chair.
  • Circulation counter.
  • Computer system.
  • Ceiling fan.

Library Finance

  • State Govt. Grants.
  • U.G.C Grants.
Expenditure Related With
  • Purchasing of Text books, Reference books, Newspapers and other documents.
  • Purchasing of Library Furniture and Equipment.

Library Rules
  • The Library is for the use of B.Ed, M.Ed students, faculty members and non teaching faculty of the College.
  • To become the member of Library a student has to make a Library identity card signed by the Librarian with Rs. 10/- as membership fee.
  • The books can be borrowed only by the students and the staff members.
  • The students have to return the books on due date.
  • Reference books, periodicals and magazines are used within the Library and not issued for home use.
  • Every Student is responsible for the safety of the Books issued, if the Book is damaged or lost the cost of the book is recovered or the book is replaced.
  • Help to maintain books in good condition for future generations.
  • The Students have to leave all their belongings on the stand at the entrance of the Library before entering.
  • Every Student and Staff member entering the Library needs to sign the register.
  • Perfect silence is to be maintained in the Library.
  • Student failing to abide by the Library rules has to be confiscated of his/her identity card.
  • Take guidance from the Librarian to locate the required information.

Future Plans
  • Extension of Automation Services through Internet.
  • Extension of the Library area.
  • Circulation of information resources (issue/return in computerized format.)
  • Access to more online journals.