Dept of Education

Department Of Education

The College of Education has highest number of posts in the Education Department. It is running the B.Ed and M.Ed course. The M. Ed is one year course ( 02 semisters ) and the B. Ed is of one year course. In total 60 students are admitted to M. Ed course in which 49 are in open catagory and 11 are payment seats. The selection is made by the faculty of Education, University of Kashmir.

In B. Ed course the total intake capacity is 500 out of which 200 inservice and 300 pre service students. The inservice teachers are deputed by the school of education and 300 are selected by the BOPEE.

The Faculty is as under :
Sno. Name Qualification
01 Prof. Munawar Sayeed MA Psy, M. Ed
02 Prof. Nuzhat Nasreen MA, M.Phill
03 Prof. Nuzhat Jan MA, M.Ed, M. Phill, NET (UGC)

Guest Faculty
Sno. Name Qualification
01 Dr. MS Allie
02 Dr. Parveen Lone M. Ed, M. Phill & Ph.D
03 Dr. Parveen Shameem Khan

On Contract
Sno. Name Qualification
1 Ms. Waheeda
2 Ms. Nusrat